why is it that hindsight is 20:20? I [with hindsight] stupidly showed this page to a friend at work and then, he decided to show it to the entire company – so hey in for a penny in for a pound – may as well show the entire blog community too!
All I can say is Chris should maybe look for a design job.

All new and exciting

Spring has sprung definitely. I was faced with a dilema of needing a haircut but without a barber. My old one closed 🙁
So I wandered along Hammersmith Road and went to the barbers there [Ziad’s Barber Shop] – was very very nice and they do shaves too [which I need at the moment] I bottled out of the shave but may try it next month!
In the spirit of newness and change I went to the coffee bean cafe. It was so refreshing not to have to say what I wanted 12 times before being given the wrong food, as inevitably happens at the albanian sandwich shop I usually frequent.
I am enjoying change – what is wrong with me? It normally induces me with panic.

increased awareness

Meg was just talking about this. I was thinking about it this time last week but couldn;t think how to express it – so I’ll just tell you about it and you can reword it in your own head.
I was reading Nick Hornby – How to Be Good which was a christmas gift and very very funny. I sat onthe tube with Spence and Glenn and the guy next to me was reading the same book – okay not a big deal really. He was on exactly the same page though and that did freak me out a bit.
Now get this, Yesterday on the train to work I am reading one of my birthday gifts, Paul Bailey – Three Queer Lives and the guy opposite was also reading it. This never happened when I was reading Patricia Cornwell!