cold’s are really really annoying. I have one now and am finding it difficult to breathe even with decongestant cold tablets and airwaves chewing gum. The sooner they find a cure for the common cold the better I say – if I go through another winter like last one I’m moving to the country and becoming a hermit.

I’m convinced it’s public transport that spreads these germs around you know. I never used to get sick when I worked in pubs and clubs and my lifestyle then was much worse than it is now.

If they want to spread biological warfare around london then they don’t need crop dusters just drop a vial on a tube or train and half of london would come down with it.

Last year I had the flu jab and I’m sure it gave me every single type of cold and cough and sniffle they were supposed to be preventing so this year I am not going to regardless of how much the company promotes it.