You know sometimes you feel like the world is dumping on you from a great height. Today I have decided to get some of it off my chest as it is starting to eat away inside me and I’m sure that isn’t good for my karma.
A while a go a work colleague was stuck at very short notice for somewhere to stay over Christmas and New Year so I naturally offered my spare room until they got sorted [no rent or anything as this was a guy kicke out of his home] and the offer was until he found somewhere to stay.
So this was fine until he decided rather than look for somewhere to stay he would like to just rent the spare room from me. He was planning on leaving the country in June anyway so wouldn’t be able to get a lease for such a short period. By this time I was kind of used to him being around so we agreed a nominal rent [after all he had just had a child and needed his cash].

All ticked along with me not charging bills or anything as I would be paying them if I lived alone anyways and I was sure the extra gas and electricity would not amount to much. Now call me a mug but when he bought himself a new ?2k laptop I figured he had a loan or something or his folks had paid – as he was supposed to be broke. We did however revisit the subject of bills [especially as by this stage he had stopped contributing to groceries] and he agreed to pay towards [not half but an amount towards] the general bills in addition to his rent.
Now you may think I earn too much or something but he never contributed to the bills ever or the groceries since April and I never considered checking his rent was paying each month – what with travelling and expense claims and erratic payments into my account I just presumed he was paying. Now he moved out on Sunday and on the Friday I discovered he had not paid rent for basically the last 3 months – so now I am left feeling that you know he bought loads of cool new stuff whilst staying – new laptop, loads of new scuba gear and has now fucked off to work in the carribean leaving me out of pocket and depressed.
I keep thinking of all the things I could do with the money – like pay off credit cards or go on holiday or buy new sofa’s [since I have been without sofa’s since May]. I feel I should write him a mail but then think well fuck it it’s not like he is going to worry about it now he is in the carribean is it? I just feel completely drained and used and abused and wonder if I will ever be as welcoming into my home again.