Warning Long Blog…….A worrying thought struck me on the way home from work yesterday. It was
the realisation that a new and very disturbing phenomena was beginning to
surface, the domain name sequel. Like the annoying and tragic phenomenon
of the film sequel, where the use of an established name or franchise to
pawn off an inferior production is commonplace, so the death and possible
rebirth of boo.com heralds the dark days of the domain name resurrection.

The internet start-up world is a place in which one of the most
significant of a company’s assets is it’s URL. That memorable line that
allows the .com punter to remember the name of the company once they have
seen it on television or in magazine advertising. Picture a world in
which the best names have already been registered and every entrepreneur
with an idea wants that elusive ‘perfect’ domain name, picture then the
financial death of ‘Hedonism.com’, this world would be the home the domain
name salvage team. A whole industry of people who would buy up start-ups
in financial difficulty in order to make use of their name. Scary.
Capitalism and marketforces are about to shake up the internet world in a
cataclysmic manner, only the strongest will survive, and a rose by any
other name, well they’ll be fair game.