Very concerned that when I

Very concerned that when I went to go back to that wierd Ikea site tattooman I stubled (well okay fell flat on my face at this site. Ingenious use of dodgy advertising techniques. I seem to remember Meg mentioning something about wierd and wonderful .com names. This is very good though. I bet they are getting hundreds of hits a year from that campaign!

I went to furniture shopping

I went to furniture shopping on Saturday and have come to the conclusion thatIKEA would be better spending money on stock control instead of wierd and irrelevant sites. Out of 12 items I went to purchase 7 where out of stock and another was discontinued (although in their catalogue). In fact I am so disgruntled I have even found this website and even dared to look at this page.

I then ventured to Habitat (Yes I know they have the same parent company). Habitat think it is a good idea to have a height restriction of 2 metres into their car park. So if you want to buy any furniture or heavy items then you have to lug it half way accross Croydon.

I decided that I am not venturing out anymore and in future if the store doesn’t sell on the web I am not buying from them! I’ll let you know how I get on with this little resolution.