the dot com revolution has

the dot com revolution has really taken hold in the UK this past year. With new sites touting for business everyday it seems some are just doomed to failure. One site which I am hoping will stay the distance is they offer free courier delivery within 2 hours in central London. Great for that gift you can’t get out to buy.

Better still they are offering free video rental for every order for a limited time – with a reply paid envelope to return it. Great special offers like this keep the internet miles ahead of the high street!

I was completely traumatised last

I was completely traumatised last night when I switched on channel 5. They are currently running a naked season. Cheggers plays pop will never ever seem the same again.

The Naked Jungle seemed to be an excuse to get people in the buff running around a set as much as possible in order for the bits most of us would really rather have not seen bouncing about the small screen.

What a complete mind blower!