In an email around work today the story of Andrew Carlssin who claims to be a time traveller
Allegedly in a bid for leniency, Carlssin has reportedly offered to divulge “historical facts” such as the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden and a cure for AIDS.
However, he refuses to reveal the location of the machine or discuss how it works, supposedly out of fear the technology could “fall into the wrong hands.
As Mark at work put it “… all they have to do is look for a DeLorean” or “.. wouldn’t another thing to ask him be ‘when will AOL make a profit?'”

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  1. either he’s gotta be a great liar, a lunatic who really believes it or as I really wanna believe (just cuz that would be freakin awesome) he’s telling the truth. If he does hey aids victims this guy knows the cure. But then again he’s gotta be a scientist who knows how a time machine works…. and a doctor… and a historian. or maybe they are all just hobbies. I dunno… oh well. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that extra link Heidi. I have to admit it would be kind of cool if it was for real. Don’t you think though he would have had the presence of mind to not get caught and move around a little bit. Trade from more than one place at different times etc etc

  3. You might want to check the original source of the article. It came from “The Weekly World News,” which is most decidedly NOT a real newspaper.

  4. seems like if it was true, he could possibly screw things up if we find out how to time-travel. Or maybe this is how we find out. I think if he snitches on how he got the inside infor on the big moves, he’ll get murdered, guess we’ll see

  5. Now that’s fine analysis, Alec! I’d have loved to believe it, but to find out it’s a weekly world news scoop – shame! Shows they’ve still got it though, ever since they broke into my cave and took pictures of me when I was just a bat boy.

  6. the article was originally in the weekly world news, a tabloid. obviously a fake. and time travel? honestly. the science itself should tell u it’s false.

  7. Rinovia: I can confirm the legitimacy of this story although parts have been taken out of contrast and embellished.Carlsinn is 29 tears old, he started trading on the 10th of January, He made over Eight hundred million Dollars within four weeks before the fbi were called in.Andrew was being held in Guantanimo Bay under the terrorism act! I have no idea of his whereabouts to date, they have dusted his tracks pretty well.Are you in a position to help Andrew? if so we would appreciate your e-mails to EMAIL REMOVED BY SPAM FILTER

  8. I think that for the ones that think this is bogus, they are bogus. I’m not saying its true but if you think about it, 30 years ago or wahtever people thought that going to the moon was a bunch of crap. Think long and hard. A quote I found “The human race will get bored of staring at a ply-wood box called a television, itll never work.” Media is our life now.. We are the same, think hard and long. this could be tgrue

  9. it’s all true. my uncle said so, & his milkman was once at school with someone who looked like tony blair, so it must be. by the way, stop the war. peace.

  10. The WWN is well known for it’s hilarious stories (most of which are quite well written & have great B&W photos). However, if Mr. McFly is worried about “technology falling in to the wrong hands” it obviously already did, since he is here cheating the stock market, trying to bribe his way out of prison, etc. Although I definately aggree with Chris on mankind’s ability to do anything, time travel really is a tough pill to swallow. Even in our wildest imaginations, we can’t REALLY imagine how it would possibly work…

  11. I want to thank you for agreeing with my thoughts, although I have to comment on
    about “technology falling in to the wrong hands”. I believe that anything is possible, and therefor the world may change dramatically in 200 years. I also believe that maybe Mr. Carlssin could be a part of a group that thinks time-travel is a good idea to fix the past. With our so called knowledge of paradoxes and whatnot, it doesnt really seem possible, but there is more to existence that we dont know than we do.

    Yes, people around the world are debated weither Mr. Carlssin exists and his story is real, but maybe its time to choose weither he and his story is real or not and try to make some sense out of what he is saying.

    There is no way to prove weither he and his story exists but it is much fun to discuss it.

  12. Are you kiddn? Sure, Doc Brown said that “if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything” but in the same breath he would tell you of a thing called the time paradox. He would have known that he was going to get busted, since in his time it already happened. Oh, hey, maybe that’s just it…he’s from another universe. You know, another quantum dimension. In his dimension he didn’t get caught, and that’s why he thought…. heck, what am I talking about? It’s all a fake? What kind of a world is this anyway? Everything sll twisted arround, with time travelers making such mistakes, the best rapper being white, the best golfer being black, the Swiss holding the America’s Cup, the French accusing the US of being arrogant, and the Germans not wanting to go to war!

  13. I KNOW this guy is for real. He and I came together but he’s not saying that there’s two of us. I also have access to the time machine and I will be taking Andrew out of custody… wait and learn, he will disappear without a trace. That’s all I can say. See you in the future–it’s definitely possible.

  14. HERE IT iS. He wouldn’t have known that he was going to get busted because he never existed in present time. And, it wouldn’t have been a historical fact recorded (unlike Osama’s whereabouts, which definitely would be in books in the future). I think it’s absolutely real. Where were we 300 years ago? Could we fly? Could we see/talk through a computer? All of these things seemed unfathomable to people back then. Time travel will probably be old news several hundred years from now. Word.

  15. I saw the article on yahoo news and I would LIKE to think that they’d check their sources out but….
    If it IS true on one hand its nice to know that humanity achieves somthing that technologically great. On the other hand its kinda depresing to think that no matter how advanced we get technologically we still spend our time looking for “get rich quick schemes”. And if he really is from the future, just how valuable is that amount of money after 200 years of inflation???

  16. (Spoken with a voice not unlike Dr Strangelove)
    Perhap ve should DNA test him and compare his sample vis teh current human genome! It is highly likely zat he vould be genetically modified und! – vould be an excellent source off technique! und material for za production off a superior!! unt naturally,highly attacktive human being. Za use of zis material vould be resticted to appropriately qualified indifidulals und! – would REQUIRE! – careful supervision by selected individuals vis a Vision!! – off a brilliant future!
    An empire off a zousand years!! could be possible – free from disease unt!- impure soughts Infecting our precious bodily fluidz!! MIEN FURHER!! I CAN VALK…. (music under) We’ll meet again… don’t where … don’t know when…..

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