Scared of flying?

I flew 17,280k this month and again last month on my return leg. December I flew 39,254k so in total the last three months I’ve clocked up a fair few airpoints.
I’m not scared of flying – never have been – I need to travel far too much to let transport get in the way.
However the recent stories of a super bug travelling via plane routes is worrying me. I spent a good hour at Kuala Lumpur airport mixing with other passengers and therefore potentially a lethal super virus.
It’s not like HIV, you don’t have to mix blood or other bodily fluids. You can just sit on a plane and breathe in recycled air. Wander around an airport lounge and inhale someone elses germs froma cough or a sneeze.
It reminds me a little of the film Twelve Monkeys when a deadly virus is distributed by a scientist on his trip around the world. That wass intentional in the real world it seems mere accident is spreading the virus.
So now I am a little more concerned about flying.


Tom poses a hypothetical question about WIFI and Starbucks. I read about this a few weeks ago and have to say if Tom’s hypothesis goes into the real worl I think too many smaller shops next door would end up opening and offering a free service just to prove a point.
My initial reaction when I read about the proliferation of WIFI was excellent, coffee shops and cafes across the nation will be installing WIFI. Of course I do have to admit here to living directly above a coffee shop so it would be a free service for me that I could use without nipping in for an overpriced coffee.
So would that be breaking the law?

It would appear that I do not need to pay for broadband at home anyway – I could just nip around the corner with my laptop. It would mean I’d have an excuse to go buy a lovely new iBook.