Orange have started checking what number you put into their WWW to SMS so now I can only text the UK from there. Not brilliant when half the people in my phone memory live outside the UK.
Looks like I need to find another cheaper SMS service. Although I must say Just Dial have turned out to be very useful recently. Talking is so much nicerr than texting too. Although I am not so good at flirting when I actually have to say it out loud 😉


I love the way sometimes when you have a few minutes to kill and you read a website or an email and follow a link and hit another site and follow a link you end up with something utterly genius in nature that you would never otherwise have stumbled across. Like today for instance. Things my girlfriend and I have argued about was the genius site for today. ready.gov parody was the close runner up.
Thanks to the usual suspects for filling my lunch hour with entertaining surfing.