I’ve not watched much on BBC4 really since it launched. However tonight I sat and watched a programme about the Smith family and their struggle to come to terms with both parents being infected with HIV.
Throughout the programme I was astounded by two things. The first was how forgiving and strong Kim was when she discovered not only that her husband had been having homosexual affairs, but that he had also infected her with HIV.
I was also astounded by how strong the bond within the family was. Nonwithstanding the fact they are mormon. I mean the fact that they play together, socialise together, talk to each other openly. It really made me think that if more families where like this then the world might be a better place. Which of course through me on the tangent of if there where more mormons then this might be the case.
Now I know any of you who know me are thinking hold on a second isn’t this the same man that blames religion for all the woes in the world? Well yes. In this case though I’m wavering.
Not too much you understand. Mormons don’t see eye to eye with me on the whole being gay thing.
Tony says “Being a religious teenager is just like being a normal teenager.” It’s just a shame that the church couldn’t also say “Being a gay teenager is just like being a normal teenager.” And of course I’m sure he would be as understanding if his kid brother Parker turned out to be gay as well as his dad?
Then of course if you actually take time out to read any of what a large section (70% are mormon) of the Utah population do each day it involves hours of scripture reading daily, going out and ‘preaching’ (I’d hesitate to say recruiting as too many parallels could be drawn there I think) and other forms of proselytizing (damn see I just did say recruiting in another way – couldn’t help myself).
Oh and then there is the whole name badge thing.
So okay I’m back on my side of the fence again. No more wavering, religion is evil.
Anyway if you get a chance to see this repeated then I highly recommend it.

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