Having read other peoples reports I am glad I opted to stay in Soho Square after the march with the crowd from gingerbeer.co.uk [no not gingerbread.com Ian]
On another note about all the people who have complained they are being ripped off. Surely having to pay ?17.50 constitutes real equality? Heterosexuals never expect their parties to be free. Party in the Park isn’t free and they charged a booking fee for each ticket and a transaction fee for each booking!

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  1. i had a fab time at mardi gras. i was a MG virgin, previously.. but now i’m sure i’ll be deflowered annually, so to speak. 🙂 ahem.

  2. a rainbow cross? no doubt jesus loves gay people but Leviticus 18:22 “do not practice homosexuality. it is a destesable sin” and 1 corinthians.. a rainbow cross is oxymoronic in all senses of the image

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