I find myself gripped with urges sometimes. While sat on a train gazing at a man who’s name I do not know [and never will] I find myself wondering about what beverage he is drinking if it is a latte or a capuccino or maybe just an old fashioned filter coffee.
Once I saw a man on the train to work and we engaged in some exchanged glances and flirtatious looks. I gave up on reading my book for that man’s eyes and how beautiful they sparkled when he smiled. When we arrived at Clapham Junction I was determined to try and pick him up. I tried to approach him but the crowds cut me off and when I did reach the staircase all I could see was the cup he had been drinking out of.
I was gripped by this sudden urge to take his rubbish home with me. Fortunately a colleague from work called my name from behind saving me from embarrassing myself.Is it just me or do other people have the same obsessions? I know a friend of mine who not only feared heights but when at the top of buildings or looking down stairwells would think about jumping to see what it was like [he didn’t remaina friend].