Nice weather = less time online

which I *think* is a good thing although I am not sure.
I’m desperately trying not to spend any money as I have to pay off the trip to San Francisco at the moment. It all adds up quite steeply when you get the bills all in the same month.
Plus you know I hate having balances on credit cards and stuff. One more thing to worry about and all.
Still at least the weather was nice so I spent lots of time on the roof topping up the tan and naked sunbathing – I love the whole not being overlooked up there. I’d prefer it if I could get there a little easier but hey, you can’t have everything now can you.
Spoke to a few mates, had the quiz about how I am feeling. All that stuff.
So back to work tomorrow. I’m going in early so I can go and see Chop Suey with Spence & Glenn tomorrow and then dinner with a friend.