I said I wanted an iPod? Well it looks like it could pay for itself in no time 😉
Using nothing more than one of Apple’s iPod portable music players, a youth in the US stole more than ?400 worth of software!
When Apple released the iPod, they were well aware that if the user so desired, it could be used to download illegal music from the web. However, little did they know that a US teenager woulld find an even more illegal way of using it. Apparently a youth walked into a large US computer store, plugged his iPod into a Macintosh that was on display, then via the FireWire connection proceeded to download its software onto his iPod. Most ironic of all, the iPod would not have even had to leave his pocket during this time. Once the FireWire lead is plugged in, the Macintosh recognises it and instantly creates a desktop icon for it. From here all you need do is drag and drop files from the computer to the iPod!
According the shop in question, the thief got away with a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac OS X, which is worth over ?400, plus a number of smaller applications! Now you may say, how the heck did he fit all this software onto an iPod? Well the iPod has a huge 5GB storage capacity and with the FireWire connection it can transfer 200MB, about the size of the Mac version of Microsoft Office, in about 1 minute!

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