what a lovely and relaxing weekend it was – steve came over from amsterdam on friday and we managed to see each other a lot considering he is trying to move flats over the next few weekends he is over in London – when I say move flats what I actually mean is giveup his flat in London in favour of a permenant base in amsterdam.

Saturday evening saw spence and his other half glen plus random chicken, with scally and his other half rick, joining steve and I for dinner before heading off to sports and shorts for a night of fun and very little debauchery – well compared to last time anyway. I was on my best behaviour with hubby in tow. jonathan had the channel 4 film crew in tow and all in all it seemed a little more subdued than usual. The cabaret was fantastic though – scally was right about ‘gaydar the musical’ it was hilarious – all I remember though is if you say your versatile you are a whore allegedly!

Steve reminisced about the lack of cabaret let alone decent cabaret in amsterdam. Hey who needs cabaret when you can have a night out at IT club with 1001 drag queens dressed as cruella de ville?