back to work with a bang

and now I am knackered 🙁

sometimes you just can’t win – either stay at home missing out and being bored or come into work and feel awful.

in other news though eighteen year old debbie from slough has gone and gotten engaged.

in yet more news other people refused to get engaged and have decided to declare an intention to get married at sometime in the future.

congratulations to both.

always on for some

I have just posted a rant comment on poor Jonathan’s site. In actual fact the rant was directed at BT but it was brought about by this post.

I *used* to have perfectly working DSL until a line fault with BT when they came to fix the line fault they said I was too far from the exchange and couldn’t tell me why it had been working perfectly up until the line fault. So they removed it 🙁

Uncharitable people would think it was because this was a competitor service [AOL] not BT’s own service…