breakfast at AOL

okay so it’s not quite Tiffany’s but it is free. The first Friday of each month we get a batch of pastries and croissants put in each of our 5 kitchens. The idea being that we should go to a kitchen on another floor to meet others and have a mini power breakfast getting to know our colleagues.

Two points here, if we go to another floor then who is goint to greet the peeps who come to our floor? Also who is going to be on the other floors?

Another mind numbingly painful ‘aoltastic’ plan was the implementation of Picture ID cards for extra security. Now this for most companies means the company name or logo and a picture with your name and department. No problems? Okay well not here at AOL towers. No we have a plain white ID card with your picture on it, your name on it and in big big letters ‘STAFF’ now that couldn’t be more descriptive if they tried could it? Well okay it could.

Next we have the pi?ce de r?sistance – If found our ID cards should be returned to ‘Galeco Communications’ in Reading. Probably in an attempt to prevent terrorists stealing an ID card in the pub and then breaking our security front door seal and … okay here I stumble because it’s not like we have much worth stealing/destroying.

So now I no longer work for AL I work for Galeco. Confused?

Okay so I want to know who out there has ID cards for work with their company name on them.

ID Cards


your work ID have your company name or logo on it?

Yes – Logo and/or Name

Yes – including address


Current Results


I have a few minutes whilst my PC is virus checked for a new variant of the NIMDA virus so sped on over to salon to read a few articles I have bookmarked but never gotten around to reading. This story about AOL chat rooms being the sauna’s of the 70’s is fairly true to life as much today as it was when this article first appeared 2 years ago.