pub quiz

I am not sure if I am more disturbed by the fact that davo, scally and myself only managed 6 out of 20 or that I knew a dodgy Gypsy Kings remix of Hotel California from the first bar.

Wendy assures me the questions are not normally this hard – and I believe her – I did work with her for long enough 😉

Congratulations to the A List who will no doubt fill you in on the rest of the answers and some of the questions too!

[details from swishcottage]

dodgy dealing

Isn’t it amazing eh? If you walked into a shop and picked up a suit with a ?100 price tag and went to the till only for them to tell you they had none left at that price but they can do you the same one for ?230 or the trousers only for ?95 you would wonder what was going on. Yet this is normal for train companies and airlines.

Eurostar have a number of adverts for fares from ?79 at the moment so I logged on to book to Brussels for mid November. Now on the site they have an interwebnet™ offer of travelling first class for ?100 so I thought great – except the booking engine stopped working so I get the number from directory enquiries [helpfully the error message fails to give the booking number] only to be told that the cheapest economy fare available for that weekend is now ?95 as they have no availability for any other offers. So essentially even though they have seats left they are changing the price.

Doesn’t seem fair somehow does it.

Needless to say i am looking at bmi yet again as they seem to be the only people who offer static fares at a low cost with availability [even though they are sometimes delayed].

Look on the brightside though reading 8letters™ is free*

*for a limited time only for a limited yet undisclosed number of viewers. prices and availability may be subject to change and there is bugger all you can do about it