not exactly a weekend in hyperlinks but how about a weekend in dc? I had a fabtastic weekend – didn’t make it to planet of the apes but had a great time anyways. Jonathan dropped me off at East Falls Church Metro and then the party started as soon as I arrived in Dupont and staggered hot and sticky into the brenton for another weekend.
The party quite literally started as soon as I arrived – 2 of the long term guests Jimmy and Patrick were celebrating Jimmy’s 20th birthday with lots of champagne and goodies. Kevin who I met last weekend has also been there over a month and had mentioned I was coming back this weekend so they extended an invite – which was both unexpected and welcome. They have some cool friends and I now have more phone numbers than I can shake a stick at for the next time [if there ever is a next time with budget slahing left right and centre] I am over this way.
So friday was basically a stay in and get wrecked night. Saturday naturally got up late wandered around a bit in the muggy heat and then gave up and headed back for a disco nap. had cocktails as usual at the brenton and then headed out for a bite to eat where I fell in lust with the waiter and Kevin fell in lust with the table of muscle mary’s to our left. We then headed to the fireplace which is a new bar for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ and the barman insisted on giving us free drinks – nasty cactus juice – and so I was in no fit state to make it to velvet nation either ๐Ÿ™
I had a giggle fit and sat down in the middle of Dupont Circle and then started wandering back again only to bump into Jimmy and Patrick. When we got back the Brenton was in full swing with lots of party goers just getting in – managed to make it to bed but slept with my contacts in as I had trouble getting them out.
Sunday slept very late but then staggered down for coffee in the lounge feeling very sorry for myself. Had brunch at Hamburger Mary’s where they were having beach party bingo with Kevin and Larry and then headed back to the brenton after a few too many mimosas and had a lie down and a shower and then planned on going to planet of the apes with Jimmy, Patrick, Kevin and Larry only none of us made it so then went for a bite to eat with Larry at Annies and then back for a little while before heading back to Dupont Circle and the Metro out to Stepford oops sorry I mean Reston.
So all in all a fabtastic time and if you are ever in DC then the brenton is definitely the place to stay, make friends etc etc. There is allegedly some bed hopping too but me being a shy boy I stayed in my own.