Hey and whilst we are

Hey and whilst we are at it – I am signed on at home and forgot to bring the webcam home so no pics of my work trip away I’m afraid.
On a differing note you know ages ago I said that when you like someone proximity is a good thing well I was wondering how rational it was to miss someone you have only ever spent 12 hours with and 6 of those spent asleep. It’s not rational at all I didn’t really need to ask that. Well anyways I am off to the states on Sunday for a whole 3 weeks. Just booked the weekends in DC at the Brenton Gay Guest House so that should be a laugh – booked a room for the straight guy accompanying me too – wonder how that will go down 🙂 Oh well I’m sure he can look after himself. May ask him to go to Badlands too so I don’t have to go on my own. I took my boss last time and she liked it. I’m sure Jonathan will too – I’ll keep you posted though!

Okay so it was kinda

Okay so it was kinda hectic in the office this morning and then all day really so I never did get a chance to blog how fab Madonna was. Really we lucked out on the tickets they were very close to the stage and we could practically spit on the Queen should we have wanted to. I loved every one of the 90 minutes she spent on stage so the ?1 a minute price tage was well worth it. Of course it was madonna so I was bound to love it :o)
I promise to write more and will no doubt be prompted by the boys uploaded pictures. scally and davo were in attendance you see so pics will follow sometime this month.