how is easyjet a low

how is easyjet a low price airline? I can travel with bmi from London Heathrow to Amsterdam for ?109.80 inclusive of all taxes etc etc but with the allegedly low cost airline for the same week end in August it will cost ?123.20 plus a ?3 fee for using a credit card online this is without a choice of flights whereas bmi give me a choice of flights for the same price. erm I smell a problem here. So the low cost airline will actually cost me ?16.40 more and I would have to fly from Gatwick Now get this if I fly from Luton [which is a fucking pain to get to from anywhere and will cost a fortune] I do get a choice of flights but it will cost me a staggering ?146.20 which is a full ?36.40 more than bmi. Oh and I also get points with bmi so erm I guess bmi it is then!

ooh remember when i wanted

ooh remember when i wanted josh in the big brother house? now I don’t but unfortunately I hate helen more. anyone who asks if there is chicken in chick peas needs evicting.
To evict Helen call: 09011 15 44 06. To evict Josh call: 09011 15 44 12.
As usual calls cost a fortune – 25p and mobile charges vary.
Callers in Eire: To evict Helen call: 1540 71 70 06. To evict Josh call: 1540 71 70 12. Calls cost 46p and mobile costs vary.