well tonight was wild – I went for happy ‘hour’ after work with a whole load of the international crew here to a bar called ‘bungalow bills’ and well to start with the guy took my international drivers licence and decided that although hertz were fine with it that it wasn’t valid ID – but then after umming and ahhing for ten minutes decided that as I was 31 he may serve me anyways. Then we shot pool, drank beer, checked out chicks, played darts the whole straight thing really and it was kind of fun.
came back to the hotel and the lads went to clydes for more beers – I was abstaining as I was driving and plus I wasn’t really in the mood – I’ll save it for the weekend. Anyways I thought the guy in the next room must have the TV on a little loud until I noticed the commotion outside and realised the hotel was being evacuated. Great so I wandered over to Clydes and then by the time I got back they were letting us back upstairs. So all in all a erm different kind of night for me. Got to pack now for the move to DC at the weekend and then off to bed I think. I am so dreading going back to GMT now I have completely gotten used to EST. It is gonna be a killer on the way back too, thank god for melatonin :o)