okay well update on the weekend I guess. We started with cocktails in the hotel [free for happy hour] and then moved on to food at Mercury Grill and drinks at JR’s all of which got very very messy. The following morning when we got all the happy campers back together we wandered around DC for a couplke of hours before giving into the heat and heading back to the Brenton for a disco nap. We met a guy at cocktails and ended up going for dinner with him and then drinks to a bar called windows I think and we never made it to the foam party at velvetnation [I think much to the str8 boys relief].
The following morning Jonathan remebered his camera and here is a weekend in pictures? With a pic of the coolest number plate we saw that weekend.
Went for the greasiest burger in Johnny Rockets as well in Georgetown a quick trip to A&F and then back to the hotel.