okay so the flight was delayed slightly but nothing too much to worry about – Virgin are great though the champagne welcome is brilliant. We were upstairs which was nice – as near to being upper class as you can get without the upgrade. The queue at immigration though was a pain – the frequent flyer INS thing sounds like a better idea each time I come this side of the atlantic. Then I was chosen for a random bag seach – good job I left the DVD porn at home 🙂 and then there was a huge line at Hertz. So all in all it took a while to et settled in the hotel, still the nice man in hertz gave us a really nice car – an upgrade of sorts I guess 😉 We were praying we didn’t get served by ‘Victor’ who was slimey as you could possibly get and so so camp it was scaring me. He was the kind of guy you see on TV when they are stereotyping really really camp faggots. Thankfully though he was still busy with another customer when we needed served. Close call though. The car has a GPS map system which is lots of fun we turned it on even though we knew the way just for laughs and the ‘turn left now’ comments.
We’ve had a quick trip to Target and a wander around Reston town centre so now off for a bite to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s before bed. I need to catch up on my sleep as I had a lot of Red Bull at Kazbar and te 2 sewers last night – so much that I was still buzzing and wide awake at 5:30 when I needed to be up and in a cab at 8:30 so erm no more red bull for me.