I heard recently that one of my ex partners [who was HIV+ when we dated nearly 8 years ago] has passed away. I’m not entirely sure how this makes me feel. I actually bumped into him a few months ago at the 2 brewers and the only thing that stopped me from going back to his to repeat a night from the old days was the fact I had to go home and walk Jack at some stage. I regretted that choice for ages as he still makes me tingle when I see him. I never ever quite got him out of my system – we worked together for nearly 2 years after we went out which I am sure didn’t help matters.
I was around when he first discovered his status and was with him during the getting out of your mind stage – which usually involved the two of us finishing work and heading off to the Fridge to take more drugs than is possibly good for you and then heading back to work the following morning. Eventually he calmed down and I guess dealt with the news in a more sane manner. Well a less public manner anyway.
Naturally since he was +ve I also went for testing which was probably one of the most traumatic experiences of my life waiting a week for the news.
I guess the last couple of weeks have meant I put a lot of things in perspective. I have very little to worry about.