• I'm at Gare du Nord (73 Rue de Dunkerque, Paris). http://bit.ly/2gKzMp #
  • Go to http://www.graze.com and use the code 4THHHD5T to get a free box of healthy snacks delivered to your desk or front door #
  • So we have a 'tree' in the garden 🙂 http://yfrog.com/6o78mj #
  • Is excited that Glee is previewing in the UK on Tuesday. Everyone can see how brilliant it is. #
  • @DaraghLally cheers – how about you? Tree up yet? in reply to DaraghLally #
  • @dbushe yeah my main reason for firefox is AdBlockPlus 😉 in reply to dbushe #
  • very disappointed about the job i/v last week 🙁 #
  • @krisatomic I HATE @O2 as well. I've had NO coverage today. In South West London customer service could care less in reply to krisatomic #
  • O2 what are you doing? No 3G service at all – can't make or receive calls unless 3G is off but don't know that unless you try to make a call #
  • It's Christmas in the Lambo Croll household finally http://yfrog.com/1yrw2vj #
  • X Factor is actually worth watching this week. Robbie, George Michael and Michael Bubble. Olly olly olly! #

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