• I'm wondering why they close post offices when clearly there is demand for them. Just look at the queues! #
  • I'm wondering if @o2 will ever fix their DNS servers or if they are too busy buying new music venues! #o2fail #
  • I used #Shazam to discover I Will Survive by Cake http://www.shazam.com/music/web/track?id=20147936 #
  • Had a lovely evening with the ex AOLers last night. Thanks Shug and Simone for organising that and see you in Melbourne soon! #
  • Oh dear god Sainsbury's are playing Christmas tunes loudly. Time to head over to Waitrose. #
  • Bonjour Paris http://yfrog.com/1yz7xej #
  • off to play with the boys in gay Paris #
  • Failed to do any French homework in Paris this weekend but had a fabulous time anyway 🙂 #

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