So it looks like ebay‘s normal stance of not actually having stock and not really getting involved may be under fire today as live8live tickets are being put on sale on the site. Sir Bob Geldof is a little unhappy (as you can understand) that a concert to raise awareness for abject poverty is being used fo profiteering.
I saw later on the news that ebay are removing the auctions for tickets yet a search ealrier shows they are still happily allowing people to profit from the wristbands. Charity wristbands like the tickets for live8 should not be resold. It defeats the purpose of them in the first place. If you want a fashion wristband go and buy one from a store.

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  1. Hi, We were lucky enough to win tickets to Live8 at Hyde Park. We left very early and travelled to London in order to be at the gates by 6:30am and to our joy we where very near to the front of the queue! When the gates opened at around midday we ran into the park in order to find a place near to the stage only to discover a ‘golden circle’? We found ourselves so far from the stage that the groups were reduced to mere ants! Wasn’t this concert about equality, or am I missing the point? Why were the ‘privileged few’ allowed so close and us mere peasants kept back? I believe that the VIP’s should have had to either mixed in with the crowd or be enclosed within an area along the side of the park and not the front as this demonstrated sheer class divide which made us feel physically sick!

    Also to top it of we was informed that David Beckham was present within the Golden Circle… Beckham accepts huge amounts of ‘sponsor’ money from third world labour abusing corporations like Nike, what on earth is going on!?

    We don’t wish to mock the event however we did witness sickening double standards at the event.

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