Attention for reasons beyond our control

Okay so finally Andy and I got around to watching Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. We had been going to see it all weekend but ony managed it last night. So we ended up in Wimbledon Odeon. We had tried the Kingston one the night before but got waylaid enjoying dinner and it got way too late to see the movie.
So anyway back to Wimbledon.
Five minutes before the end. I know this because realistically there can’t have been much more left before the opening scenes of the original Star Wars, the film stopped. It wa slike someone had hit pause on the big DVD player. Then the announcement started and the sirens.
We were being evacuated from the building.
So we got the excitement of firemen and fire engines and standing ina big crowd waiting to see if we could watch the end or not. We decided to go for the seeing it again some other time option and headed back to Surbiton.
So I still can’t say I’ve seen the whole film.
Ah well better luck next time!


1. Start at Leicester Square

2. Catch Piccadilly Line to London Heathrow Airport.

3. Catch flight from London Heathrow to Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

4. Hire car at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

5. Start going toward the “Airport Exit” on “International Parkway
– Follow for 0.2 miles.

6. Bear left onto the highway toward “Terminal East Parking” –
0.3 miles

7. Bear left onto “International Parkway North” toward “North
Exit” – Follow for 2.9 miles

8. Take the “Highway 114 west” exit toward “Fort Worth” – follow for

9. Then continue on “US 287 north” – follow for 91.1 miles

10.”US 287 north” becomes “Interstate-44 east” – follow for 0.7

11. Take left fork onto “US-287 north” toward “Vernon” – follow for

12.”US 287 north” becomes “Avenue F (US-287)” – follow for 2.8 miles

13. Continue to follow “US 287 north” – follow for 104.9 miles

14. Take left ramp onto “Interstate 40 west” toward “Dumas” – follow
7.8 Miles

15. Take “Exit 70” onto “US 60 east” toward “Dumas” – follow for 0.5

16. Take the “Buchanan Street” exit toward “Dumas/Pampas” – follow

17. Turn right onto “Old Route 66 (Interstate 40)” – follow for 0.1

Now that’s the way to f*cking Amarillo!!!!!!!!

When and upgrade is actually a downgrade

Okay so I’m all for progress and don’t get me wrong I’m not one of these people against change. I’m debating whether to upgrade to Tiger now or wait until I have bought a mini to justify it. I think my cube will need to be relegated to a server for the flat.
So anyway back to my point. I’ve been getting the upgrade to Quicktime 7 messages all week so finally did last night and hey presto no discernable difference. Oh no wait. Loads of features that used to work in 6.x no longer work in 7. How is that an upgrade? No more opening more than one movie. No more full screen. That is not an upgrade in my book. That’s a downgrade. Loss of functionality is never a good thing.

stupid religious americans

I know that some people are blinded by religion but then to try and promote your hate on the internet. There should be laws against promoting hate and religion and narrow mindedness on the internet. Free Speech should not be at the expense of others. So anyway I give you (via The Peculiar One) Traditional Values – some neo nazi religious foundation no doubt – Homosexual Urban Legends. See and you can tell it’s far right bigotry when they refer to it as homosexual. Pah