Well over at Jonathan’s they are celebrating 11 happy years together. Which is sweet. Really heart warming stuff.
In the meantime though religion is striking out and John Howard is making a fool of himself again.
So basically the catholic church (never known for it’s ‘christian’ compassion) is saying that men and women who are in love and want to spend their lives together should be frowned upon. In fact actually more than frowned upon they should be abhorred. Although perversely it seems to be fine for members of their own clergy to abuse children. So how do they justify this stance? Oh that’s right they don’t. With one in three marriages ending in divorce you would think that they would be opening their arms (if not their hearts) to the gay population. Let’s face it religion is going down the pan. Numbers are dwindling and those in power seem to have lost touch with the world whilst they sit in their ivory tower Vatican city.
In the meantime over the other side of the globe Australia’s Prime Minister is referring to marriage as a bedrock institution and has been traditionally seen as between a man and a woman. Well Mr Howard Slavery was once an institution and was commonly between a white man and a black man. It doesn’t mean it should remain that way. People evolve and cultures do to. Discrimination on grounds of colour or race or sexual orientation or sex or ability is wrong. For a man in his position to even attempt to justify discrimination is morally reprehensible.
I’ll end my rant there I think…

“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet” – Napoleon

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  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I stopped by your diary and I love it. Nice design! Great writing! Hope you’ll stop by mine and sign my guestbook. Also, I am not gay, but Ihave a few gay friends and I have no problem with it. I think if two people love each other then they should be able to marry and NOT be frowned on. But that’s just the opinion of a little black girl! LOL

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