Yes I know a damn long acronym that one. Okay so last night was the end of a company wide film festival. They showed Hedwig and the Angry Inch and I was joined by Jacs and the lovely Mr Miller. I’d seen it before but neither of the others had. I must say I found it much easier to follow this time around and was less disturbed to see Michael Pitt from Dawson’s Creek playing a gay christian rock kid.
Davo has had the pleasure of meeting John Cameron Mitchell who is currently working on a new project entitled The Sex Film Project.
So all in all it was a nice night. A few drinks afterwards was going to be at Vespa Lounge but they were closed (too few girlz or something) so we ended up at First Out. I haven’t been there for ages. Left earlyish and wandered through town with Jacs over the newly refurbished Hungerford Bridge and gazed at possibly the best view of London you can get without working in Canary Wharf 🙂