Mac OS X File Sharing

Open NetInfo Manager and authenticate.

Create a new subdirectory in /config/SharePoints/ (click on config, then on SharePoints, then select Directory -> New Subdirectory).

Set the name value to be what you’d like the share to be called (double-click on the Value column next to name).

Add a new property (Directory -> New Properyt) and name it directory_path.

Add a new value for directory_path. The value needs to be the path of the folder or volume (for example, /Users/username/Pictures).

name -NetInfo name
directory_path -Path to directory
afp_use_parent_owner -Boolean: Use owner of parent?
afp_use_parent_privs -Boolean: Use privileges of parent?
afp_shared -Boolean: Share this item?
afp_name -Name visble to clients

Save your changes in NetInfo.

In the Finder, set the privileges on the folder or volume you’ll be sharing. Do Show Info, then Privileges, and pick what you like — Drop Box, Read Only, etc.

Stop and restart the AFP Server from the Sharing preferences panel.

Connect from a client and they will see the new share.