Allegedly that’s all it takes to get some straight men into bed.
Sometime I wonder if the same is true of gay men. Six pints and they go straight. Okay maybe not quite so cut and dried as straight or gay. You know where I am going with this I don’t need to lead you down the route. I’m feeling quite guilty about a comment I made to a friend before I came home to the UK from Sydney. It involved the usual bad taste of likening women to fish. I’m starting to see outside my conditioning of soho bars and bitchy queens. People are people and we like them for who they are.

I needed six pints of lager to recover from the topsy turvy day I had. All was going well. The sun was shining. My boss is happy with me. My colleagues all seemed happyish in the light of nasty shenanigans at work.

I arrived back in the office a few hours later to mayhem.

So more beers and a bad game of pool later and I was heading off to the brewers (yes again).

I had intended an early night tonight to make up for the excesses of the weekend. Ha. When you have friends in other time zones that never quite happens does it. Also when you have friends who may need another six pints of lager tomorrow.

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