Okay well last week was a bit quiet on all fronts. I have not been well since my trip to Liverpool. I was feeling kind bad on the journey down the M6 but by the time I hit the sack on Sunday I was unable to talk properly. I have not been in work yet this week and have had a fever and sore throat with nasty yellow puss and spots. I took a couple of pictures naturally but they are a little fuzzy and really don’t show you how bad it really was. Scally’s x-rays are a much better depictation of his injuries. So what with not being able to talk and being perpetually tired I felt like a monk ho had taken a vow of silence. No online chatting and no offline talking. Typically I have not been able to get an appointment with my doctor so I am going to just rough it.
Super strength strepsils are the order of the day!

Oh and daytime TV has not got any better since the last time I was off ill. At least then they had Wonder Woman on Sci-Fi. This time the only programme worth watching during the day was grand designs and I only saw one of them [it was the only one I stayed awake through]. A couple had bought a mill up north stripped out the interior and made it all modern inside with a ?6,000 shower. It looked nice though and you know if I had the money and lived up north I might consider something similar.
So all in all a very quiet week for me – which you know is sometimes good. My mum always warned me about burning the candle at both ends. I think I was melting the middle a little too!

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