Although I wasn’t feeling 100% having been into work on the friday and sent home I had already made plans to go to Brighton for the day. I had a friend staying and had arranged to meet people so I dutifully met up at clapham junction for the train journey down. The staff seemed fairly clued up there was an ‘event’ at brighton as they made plenty of announcements about how to get there where to change if necessary etc.
When we arrived it looked a bit dull and overcast but nothing too serious but by the time we arrived at Preston Park the heavens had opened and a lightning storm was in full flow. I was amazed at the number of people huddled under trees with umbrellas. Do people not realise how dangerous that is?
So we skipped the park and went straight to the pub to try and dry off a little. The hand dryers were in constant use!
A few drinks later and David and I had decided [well I had anyways] to ask Andy back to Streatham – he seemed keen and so that was settled.
The sun started to break through and alcohol had made us brave so we ventured into the park and joined in the festivities which was nice. The slide by the popstarz tent was cool so I went on it a few times. We had much more alcohol and then ventured back to the car [having met Andrew who had driven] and went to see the damage to his brighton abode. Followed by a trip to the marina for food.
A long journey home ensued but all in all a fun day! Lots of fun had by all in fact!