I always thought it was strange that it didn’t matter where you went in the US you where constantly bombarded with the stars and stripes. Every little town had a flag, every other house had a flag, every other building had a flag, every other person was wearing some sort of star spangled banner clothing.
Over the last few days I realised it was just because we seemed scared to show our own flag. The Union Flag was always associated with neo-nazis and the National Front.
Seeing The Mall decked out in Union Flags and the front of Buckingham Palace bathed in projections of St Georges cross, Union Flags and other such emblems made me realise patriotism isn;t strange at all. In fact maybe we are strange for not showing a pride in our country.

I wonder how many St George Flags will still be flying if the team get kicked out of the world cup? It seems a shame that it takes the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the World Cup before we show any semblance of national pride.