met my ex boyfriends flatmate Derek in the 2 sewers and he works for AOLTW – In Style magazine – funny his only knowledge of AOL is having to use a SecurID 🙂 well actually his exact words elude me but had something to do with having to enter those funny six numbers before you can use the internet.

Also had a snog from a random stranger which was you know nice – made me realise there are people out there who actually like me. His name was Mark and I have no idea why he came over and snogged me but I wasn’t complaining 🙂

Kirsten?s Birthday was actually really good too – started in Arch635 and then moved to Bar Sol, which is an overpriced restaurant by day and an overpriced straight meat market by night. Gah. The only saving grace was the company and the really cute waiter – unfortunately he wasn’t waiting our table 🙁
So that’s my Saturday night in synopsis whilst you know inebriated. gah blogging whilst drunk again.

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  1. I hate to point this out, but “Mark”, the “random stranger” was a bit of a pig-dog. Why do you need the attention of mongrels to realise that people like you? Other people like you. I seem to remember you being licked – er – liked by Blogger A AND Blogger E, both at the same time, fairly recently!

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