To the americans describing my name as needlessly fussy. GRRRRRR
Variation: IAN
This most attractive Scottish form of John was rather late making inroads on our shores ? it was already the seventh most popular boys? name in England in 1965. After the emergence of Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, Americans gradually began warming to the jaunty charm of the name; now it is finally gaining a foothold on some popularity lists, although not yet sufficiently to feel prohibitively overused. IAIN is an alternate, authentic, but needlessly fussy spelling.

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  1. Tell me about it. I went through life for years thinking Iain meant ‘Lane’. It was only when I got to university that someone of this ilk politely informed me of the truth.

  2. I actually started spelling my name with a extra i once – at a stage in my life when it looked as if I might be about to have a proper writing career – way too many ‘Ian martins’ out there already, I thought.

    But then I stopped.

    So no extra vowels for this Ian (and _I_ don’t even have a middle initial!)

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