I just added the tripods to my wish list πŸ™‚ blast from the past or what Takes me back to english classes when we had to write a book review of the books we had read over the summer – I had stayed with my cousins in Connecticut and Kenneth ah introduced me to john christopher – I bought all 3 and read and re-read them all that year.

I was 14 [allegedly it is classed as Juvenile Fiction/Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Magic] when this series was first shown and I was amazed how well they had taken the books and brought them to life. I was astounded that they stopped filming after the second series and always wondered if they would re-run it – I never saw it if they did. A definite case of you should read the books first but if you haven’t got time then maybe you should just watch the series πŸ™‚ I know I will be when the first pay check comes in 2002!