It snowed today

whilst I was christmas shopping in covent garden – wandered into neals yard and it started to snow – made me feel all christmassy – or whatever 🙂

also went to the national film theatre to see the wizard of oz today – kate and paul were very suprised that this was the first time I have ever seen it. Well it was and I tell you had I seen it as a child I would have had nightmares abot the munchkins I tell you – scary was not the word.

then off to david and andrews for a christmas party in sydenham which was lovely met lots of pauls friends [well he claims not to have known most of them] which was nice and I’m feeling happy and lovely.

gotta take his pressie back to the BT shop though so he can have a dect phone with an answer machine – I mean not content with patrick cox shoes

anyways feeling really festive now with my tree and the snow so I added some snow to the site too [only on IE and AOL I’m afraid not NS] so off to walk jack and then to bed to dream of nice things.

tomorrow is jacs party with mulled wine and minced pies and then monday – thursday at my folks in liverpool so less blogging than usual. so in case I don;t log on before then – if you celebrate it – MERRY CHRISTMAS – and if you don’t – have a good few days!