free bar on a thursday night is just plain evil! and never ending champagne glasses are the gift of satan!

Now normally it is me who has to apologise after getting drunk and making a complete idiot of myself. [I’m sure I do still need to apologise to a few people – but less than after scally‘s birthday party] So it was quite a suprise to have 2 emails when I got in this morning apologising for things from last night, both from directors too – so I must have been either doing something right or something very very wrong!

I was made to blush last night – and that is normally a very difficult thing to do.

After getting fairly wasted and generally merry scally, rick, andrew and I hit McDonalds Drive Thru in wandsworth for munchies. 4 queens eating Maccy D’s [well only 3 actually as rick quite sensibly refused the evil food] in a car park is not the best look I can tell you.

Note to self: don’t get drunk

another note to self: don’t take glitter sticks to work parties

yet another note to self: don’t talk whilst drunk it only gets you into trouble