however since I have only just got back into the office and caught up with emails the review will have to wait.

okay so a bit of a review now then.

Firstly let me point out I had no expectations as I had not read any of the books [a little like Harry Potter I felt like I had forgotten to do my homework as I entered the cinema] and as such had little knowledge fo the storyline or the setting. I had seen the trailer and that was about it.

Peter Jackson’s three-part work is a visually impressive achievement, it’s filmed in New Zealand so it’s a pretty good advert for going down and visiting. stunning scenery was the major thing I thought about as the camera panned in the few quiet moments at the start of the movie in the ‘shire’.

From the start of the film including magical fireworks displays [which HP could have done with to liven it up a bit] through to the spell binding scenes as Frodo enters the shadow lands when he puts the ring on it is technically brilliant.