I love Bank Holiday weekends but am a little confused why we don’t have more. Even New Zealand have the Queen’s Birthday off. We should too – I’m going to start a campaign for every weekend to be 3 days long – work 4 days off 3 – sounds fair to me. 3dayweekend.org?
So didn’t really get up to much at the weekend – which is always best I find. Friday night was sports and shorts friendly at The Ram in Islington with spence and mark and a few assorted others including a few complete hunks [spence had to keep reminding me I am no longer single]. Saturday was a lazy day on the roof sunbathing and eating followed by a barbeque/party at patrick’s in clapham. Sunday was more lazing but this time with rain so no naked sunbathing on the roof. Followed by a trip to the 2 brewers with dave Monday was even more slovenly having not woken up until the afternoon followed by a lazy day with aforementioned blogger and sustinence of biscuits, snack food and tea. All followed by meeting Jacs and Dippy and Sess in Soho Sq followed by lovely food at Satsuma’s and drinks in The Friendly Society [clinical and cold] and Village [sadly quiet] and home [very very messy].