happy and sad

I spent the weekend helping Dave move into Meg and Paul‘s flat in West Kensington. It was fun and I enjoyed it and didn’t need the present [I am dying to go look at my wishlist to see what it is but am being restrained].
I am also a little sad as it is yet another sign of the impending travels of our favourite kiwi. Invercargill never sounded so far away as it did on Sunday morning.
I think helping Luke and Catherine [Yes I know it is sounding more and more like a blog meet even missing out Twom and Matt] clean the flat put me in a cleaning frenzy as I came home Sunday afternoon and emptied 2 bin bags of clothing to go to charidee. Yes I know it’s obscene I had that many clothes [I still own too many but now they mostly all fit in the wardrobe].
I have to add that Dave and I watched a programme on Friday night [Does Doug Know?] and laughed all the way through. My favourite line was the one about Will from Popstars being an Augustus. The uy then had to explain the entire Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story and Augustus Gloop and how he died – you don;t need me to go there trust me.

spring has sprung

It is a beautifully sunny day here in London, I managed to get up early because Jack wanted out at 8ish even though I was out drinking last night for ‘friendlies’ at The Ram in Islington.
So Jack has been to the common, I have all the windows open in the flat and I am spring cleaning – I’m convinced it’s a built in compulsion to clean in spring!
Meg and Paul are moving today as well – nice day for it.
So I have had my 10 minutes to catch up on mail, update this so now I’m off to enjoy the sunshine. I’m looking forward to more sun to come too – the nights are getting lighter and it finally feels like summer is not too far away.

jack is feeling a little

jack is feeling a little better he wanted to go for a walk – which I took as a good sign. He had his second set of tablets for today and some more fluids and then a little boiled fish. something bland the vet said “a little boiled fish or chicken”. I couldn’t bring myself to boil chicken
So I missed Meg‘s birthday soiree because he was not well. Shame cos I wanted to grill Dave-o about his chicken :o)
It’s cold and wet in the UK and I do not like it :o( bring back the need for air conditioning I say!