Sadly though the website isn’t. Now don’t judge me about trying to buy Michael Jackson tickets – I’m not a fan but since Andrew isn’t a Take That fan and bought tickets I thought I should reciprocate.
The o2 blueroom website or o2priority website designed to allow o2 customers to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public is however not coping very well with the demand. The same happened last summer when they released the iPhone 3G so it shouldn’t be a surprise.
That time I didn’t manage to order an iPhone and in the end bought one from Carphone Warehouse instead as o2 couldn’t cope with demand and couldn’t create a waiting list either.
It’s now around 7:45 and I’ve been trying since 7am intermittently. No doubt by the time I get back from work they will have fixed the problem and sold all the tickets…

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