The past couple of days in Hammersmith Muller have been handing out a variety of yoghurts. On Tuesday they handed out the Omega 3 variety. Half way through munching I realised they didn’t have a nice vegetarian friendly green tick or for that matter an ingredients list. I checked their website. Are they suitable for vegetarians? NO! more here due to the refined fish oils. Yum. Tasty.

Yesterday they were giving away the regular Muller Light. Not to be fooled like I was on Tuesday I checked the website before tucking in. Are they suitable for veggies? No. I guess they have ground up hooves and trotters or lips and arseholes or gelatine as the food industry like to call it ;o)

So today Clare brought in Jaffa Cakes. I know these are veggie friendly and also delicious. However a little interwebnet sleuthing and guess what. They aren’t orange after all. The jelly is merely orange coloured – it is in fact made out of Apricot Jelly and only contains Tangerine Oil. Who knew?

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