How cheap can some people be? The other weekend I did a bit of a clothes clear out – mainly because I bought so much last time I went to the states with work and had no drawer space left.
So I took a bag to the Cancer Research charity shop and waited patiently for the assistant to be free to see where to leave donations. It was taking some time though. It transpired a lady was trying to return a pair of shoes. Now the lady behind the counter was keeping her calm but I was about to shout. The woman in question had bought some boots and was trying to return them for a full refund. Fine you might say except she had had them an entire year already.
I was gobsmacked. Really. I don’t know how she had the cheek. I wouldn’t do that in a regular shop let alone a charity shop.
There was nothing wrong with the boots either. She just wanted to return them and get her money back.
Some people.

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