No doubt this also has a virus but hey I use a mac and besides I was too busy laughing to download anything.

Hello! (address removed) for a fast exchange of messages suggests you establish Yahoo.Com Agent. Download you can directly in this letter I have attached last version of the program program to the letter. I wish to communicate to you therefore as I consider that you good kind person Yahoo-Agent – the free-of-charge service possessing a number of advantages before usual means of electronic dialogue. Having established Yahoo-Agent and having authorized, you can:
* to find new friends * to exchange instant messages
* to see an image of the interlocutor and to pass to its picture album * to express the emotions c the help original smail and gestures * to see online-status of your respondents * to receive notices on new letters * a voice (free of charge!) to talk to the interlocutors * play with friends online From main menu Yahoo-Agent you can to enter quickly into the largest English-speaking chat, and also to create in it the personal room.

To load program Yahoo-Agent and to receive the information necessary for installation, you can directly in this letter. What to contact Natali, establish program, attached in the letter. Thanks,
Administration Yahoo.Com

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