Footballers Underpants

How on earth did I miss this? The world of football is going underpants crazy!
My favourite quote being “The Laurent Lunchbox has become a veritable summer picnic hamper of moist goodies…”

Then of course there is the Guardian and the smalltalk column and the penchant for asking footballers about their smalls.

Small Talk: Roy Race
Would you mind telling me what colour underpants you’re wearing today?
[Answers instantly] They’re red and yellow. [Small Talk wonders, aloud as it turns out, what style of pant Roy Race might take] I can’t answer that, Small Talk, I’ve already given away too much personal information!

Small Talk: Frank McAvennie
Ahem, assuming you’re wearing any, Frank, what colour underpants have you gone for today?
I’m wearing a pair of black Calvin boxer shorts. I wear black all the time actually, Small Talk, the colour hides a multitude of sins [laughs long and loud].

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