Orange are brilliant. Well I used to think so anyway. So much so that I have recommended them to all of my friends and at least 5 of them have switched.
Their customer service is great. Up until last week.
I used to have a price plan that included orangecare insurance. Somehow or other over the years I no longer have this. I naturally had no idea having never needed to claim on my incsurance.
Last week My Nokia 7610 stopped working properly. It no longer reads any media card and the phone crashes when I get text messages whilst it tries to save things. I called Orange and they said no problem they would get a replacement out next day – the usual fantastic service. Until they called back to say that they couldn’t as I had no insurance. I’d have to send it back to Nokia or pay £30.

Okay so I’ve used Nokia phones now for over 10 years. Never a problem until this phone. I send it back for repair and start using my old Nokia 6100. I was impressed to receive the phone back in 3 working days despite them saying it could take up to 14. Sadly when I got it home the problem is still there. So not fixed after all then.

So I’m now feeling a little let down by two of my most trusted brands.
In July my contract is up and I think it’s about time I tried a motorola phone and Vodafone.

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